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The Decker law firm is people-oriented, with Virginia attorneys experienced in many areas of practice, designed to help people through difficult times. Please know you can call our Norfolk personal injury lawyers and criminal defense attorneys any time; we'll be glad to hear from you, and glad to help, every way we can.

At the Decker Law Firm of Virginia, the most important thing is helping people.

The Norfolk criminal defense lawyers and personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Pete Decker represent people all over Hampton Roads, VA, but we represent the majority of our clients throughout the Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake areas, in cases involving personal injury, criminal defense, traffic and drunk driving, wrongful death, wills and trusts, medical malpractice and business law.

If you need legal help in a personal injury case or you're seeking legal defense for criminal charges, call the Decker Law Firm at 757-622-3317.
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